Re-visioning a welfare state fit for 21st Century Britain





Associate Consultant for Participle

I consulted across a range of Participle ventures, some at research stage, others more established, providing a wide range of services.



An innovative membership-based service open to anyone over 50, providing practical help with everyday tasks and a rich social calendar. Circle builds stronger communities enabling people in the second half of their years to lead rich, resilient and connected lives.

I carried out local scoping and enterprise design for the launch of Circle in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and led the local scoping team and enterprise design work to launch a new Circle in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

I carried out an in-depth customer segmentation study and also researched and compiled an extensive Handbook and Toolkit on ‘Designing and Managing your Circle’ with the intention of Circle becoming a social franchise.



A support system for people looking to take control over their health. It is specifically useful for those looking to better manage long-term health conditions but open to anyone looking to improve their wellness.

I led complex market research, scoping and financial modelling to examine and compare different channels and potential end users for Wellogram.


A social enterprise which uses simple technology and existing local connections in the community to provide a wide range of developmental opportunities for young people – anything from making a film to learning taxidermy or working front of house in a hotel.

I worked on developing the business plan and investment case for the second phase of Loops.