Age 16

I live at Kien Kleang orphanage. My place of brith is Bary Districk, Komponh Cham Province. My father died when I was young and my mother moved to Koh Tom districk, Kandal Province to live with my grandmother. My grandmother gave us a plot of her land – enough to make a hut and plant some vegetables. Sometimes my mother and I picked the chilli to buy rice and vegetables for our family. When the river rose, it became impossible to plant on our plot of land so I went fishing instead with my siblings. I was seven years old when my grandmother died. Soon after my uncle invited us to live with him in Phnom Penh. I stayed there one year and then came to live at Kien Kleang. Four of my brothers and sisters live here also. My mother is still living with my uncle. I feel very happy to live in the orphanage – it is not the same as where I come from.